Re: (election) Where are the Americans?

From: John Conover <>
Subject: Re: (election) Where are the Americans?

I wonder how it became a toss up?

The odds of 100 million votes coming up almost precisely 50/50,
(within several hundred votes, in many places, each with hundreds of
Ks or even Ms of ballots,) is astronomical.

Those kinds of numbers are hard to justify by coincidence, alone,
(although it's always easy to find statistical significance where
there isn't any.)


mason clark writes:
> Whatever the fine details of the balloting results, the overall
> picture is one of an equal division between Gore and Bush.
> The *American* way to handle this, known to schoolboys
> and schoolgirls and football referees, is a coin toss.
> Why not have Chief Justice Rehnquist toss a coin between
> Gore and Bush, give the ball to the winner, and all good
> Americans will cheer as the game begins.
> Toss a coin, Americans.    and lighten up: it's a toss-up


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