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Date: 3 Aug 2001 18:18:53 -0000

BTW, I am not critical of Cisco. They did not do anything wrong,
IMHO. They have shown their self to be astonishingly agile, resilient,
and resourceful using the prevailing wisdom, (e.g., the macroeconomic
paradigm,) that, at best, can deliver reasonable answers to difficult
questions only 60% of the time.

Cisco has probably done about the best that can be done using the
prevailing wisdom to run a company.


BTW, prevailing wisdom is fractal, too. See:

Which starts off with Holy Inannna getting the story from the Sumarian
God of Wisdom about how complicated such things really are.

John Conover writes:
> Note, also, that most of the prevailing paradigms of business-from MBA
> curriculum to accounting methodology to financial valuations,
> etc.-have macroeconomic dogma as their foundation. In some sense,
> Cisco's problems are the same as the Asian Tigers-its a paradigm
> issue.


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