Ndustrix Version 1.5

From: John Conover <john@email.johncon.com>
Subject: Ndustrix Version 1.5
Date: 3 Apr 2003 20:30:26 -0000

The NdustriX program suite release 1.5 is available at:


The NdustriX suite of programs is intended for use by those involved
in strategic marketing, optimization of business operations, and
business process modeling, (BPM,) i.e., managing the P&L. The C
sources to the 60 some programs used in the suite are available
separately on the Utilities page of the site. The software methodology
is described on the Architecture page, and the analytical technique
described on the Usage page. The paradigm of the non-linear high
entropy model is validated on the quality assurance, (QA) page. There
is a mathematical and numerical methods development, for those so
inclined-with substantial "how-to" examples.

A program to measure the Hausdorff fractal dimension of an economic
time series was added to the suite. There were no bug fixes or other
documentation changes.



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