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From: John Conover <>
Subject: Re: Speed, Technology, Progress LO82
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 95 16:46 PST

Ivan Blanco writes in LO65:

 >      Let me be more honest now!  I know that the universities I have
 > worked at since my days as a doctoral students, until today, are not
 > learning organizations.  The impressions I have exchanged with colleagues
 > from other places tend to point in the same direction.  They cannot use
 > any other models, because everything is generally based on pedagogy, and
 > almost nothing is based on andragogy or any other notion to help adults
 > (18 and above), learn more effectively.

Hi Ivan. I think it was none other than Carl Gauss that made the
statement exiting from the funeral of an adversarial colleague,
"Science marches forward, one death at a time." The issues you raise,
although there is considerable merit in them then as now, are not new.



John Conover,,

Host's Note: The version that I've heard is, "How does science move to
the next generation of theory? ... When the old generation of scientists
have all died!"

  -- Rick Karash,, host for learning-org

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