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From: John Conover <>
Subject: Re: reminder to send james and I the contact info
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 01:00:49 -0800

David Rompel writes:
> I started to think since you know where I want to be in the food
> chain....maybe you were thinking faster than me and had some plan
> that I was being stupid to refuse without knowing anything about it..

No, I have just seen too many folks fall into the techno trap. Doug
Englebart(sp) is the classic example. The guy changed our concept and
the way we do computing by inventing the mouse and windows-everyone
thinks Apple and/or B. Gates invented these. They are rich, and Doug,
unfortunately is a poor, dejected, bitter, forgotten sole. I see this
a lot-the folks with the good ideas don't get financially independent,
it is the movers, shakers, etc., that get that way at the expense of
the the folks who do all the thinking. You are not in any hurry-but
what I wanted to convey to you was that there are alternative
scenarios in techno space that you can pursue.



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