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Every once in a while, someone comes up with a really sweet idea in
computing. The attached concerns linking the Apple Newton to the Unix
environment, and came from the Linux conferences. There are a lot of
very clever people in the world.


BTW, it would appear that the original Newton marketing failure was do
to the product's inability to generate infrastructure for itself in
the computing industry. Looks like that might be changing. Note that a
"paradigm" is involved. The Newton interfaces might be becoming a de
facto industry standard for PDA's-the essence of infrastructure.  Note
that if that is indeed the case, then PDA's, possibly led by the
Newton, will exhibit economic increasing-returns[1][2][3], (ie., a
control system with positive feedback in the market place.) If that is
true, then being first with the industry standard is
everything. (Before you jump to conclusions, that is not always the
case in all markets-only high tech ones.) In case you are curious, the
Newton uses the ARM transputer chip, manufactured by DEC under license
from ARM. What may be happening here is probably worth studing as a
classic increasing-returns scenario in a high tech market.

[1] "Competing Technologies, Increasing Returns, and Lock-In by
Historical Events," W. Brian Arthur, Econ Jnl, 99, pp. 106-131,
1989. Also available from, June, 1993.

[2] "Increasing Returns and the Two Worlds of Business," W. Brian
Arthur, To appear in Harvard Business Review, July-August., 1996,
under the title "Increasing Returns and the New World of Business",
forthcoming. Also available from,
April, 1996.

[3] "Positive Feedbacks in the Economy," W. Brian Arthur, Scientific
American, February. 1990. Also available from, November, 1989.

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Subject: Newtl!  Newton/UNIX Communications System v1.92!
Date: 1 Nov 1996 14:52:54 GMT


After a long time, I finally have an update to Newtl!

Also, as a bonus, I have written a Tcl/Tk GUI for Newtl!

Check it out...  here's the blurb:

- - -A


  Automatically send email, print, and fax from your Newton's
  Mail, Print, and Fax Outboxes through your UNIX machine.

  Download packages to your Newton from your UNIX system.

  Newtl allows your UNIX system to communicate with your Newton
  using Steve Weyer's Slurpee Newton communications program.
  Although Newtl was originally developed for Newton development
  (using Makefiles and Newt source code on your UNIX system), it
  can, in fact, transfer any Slurpee-compatible text to and from
  your Newton soups!

  XNewtl adds a Tcl/Tk GUI to allow you to graphically grab
  email, faxes, and print jobs from your Newton!

  Newtl downloads packages, using the X-MODEM protocol, to
  ChickenWerks' YAPI program on your Newton!

  **  Check the home page for UNIX systems supported.
  **  Check out the Newtl Home Page at:
  **  or email me (Anthony, the author) at:

Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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