Human beats Chimp on Wall Street

From: John Conover <>
Subject: Human beats Chimp on Wall Street
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 16:33:17 -0800

Well, there has been a contest going for 3 years now, between a Wall
Street broker, one Frank Curzio, and a chimpanzee, one Casey the
Chimp, as to just who could best pick a portfolio of stocks that would
increase in value the most.

It was just announced that Mr.  Curzio won.

What is so amazing about this?

The chimp won the last two years.


BTW, in the last year, Mr. Curzio's portfolio increased in value
76%. The chimp's, 59%.

BTW, this is for real-I'm not kidding. Mr. Curzio will be interviewed
on CNBC today. (It is a little tung-in-cheek, since frequently, a
random number generator will pick winners over an extended period of
time-that's the nature of fractals.)


John Conover,,

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