Re: Price, value and the creation of wealth

From: John Conover <>
Subject: Re: Price, value and the creation of wealth
Date: 2 Jun 1999 18:37:28 -0000

Jim Blair writes:
> In physics, the Heisenburg uncertainty principle has a similar role: You must
> measure to know, but the measurment changes the system. It is an important issue
> only for small systems.

Hi Jim.

Or, very complex ones.

For example, where recursion makes the system self-referential,
(self-referentiality is the issue involved in the Heisenberg
uncertainty principle.)

For example, the iterated prisoner's dilemma-where to decide what to
do, I must speculate on what my opponent is going to do, who is
speculating on what I'm going to do.  So, ultimately, what I am going
to do depends on what I am going to do.

Not surprisingly, such indeterminism leads to fractal characteristics
as the game is iterated.



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