Re: Stock Price Modelling

From: John Conover <>
Subject: Re: Stock Price Modelling
Date: 25 Aug 1999 06:44:34 -0000

R. G. Boomers writes:
> Brownian motion, if I remember correctly, is essentially a
> random process.  How could that possibly be of any use
> modeling stocks?   Now, I am not saying stocks are not
> almost random, just that I do not understand how Brownian
> motion could be of any practical value.  If you can explain
> it to me or refer me to a reference that can, perhaps I'll
> write the VBA.  We would both benefit.  To see a sample of
> what I can do in regards to original work in stock market
> analysis, click on the URL below.  Thanks.


where there is source code for a program that exploits fBm and near
fBm characteristics for stock selection. There are simulation
programs, and a fragment of the US ticker for comparison. The
documentation on the web pages should answer your questions.

Bear in mind that some people like entropic methodologies, and others
don't-its an epistemological issue. The issue is debated (ad nauseum,)
in sci.econ, where I usually hang out, (I was just taking a tour to
see what was happening in misc.invest.technical.)



John Conover,,

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