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From: John Conover <>
Subject: Re: Brains in Trade. Was Re: Where There's Smoke
Date: 5 Oct 1999 01:04:13 -0000

Beverly Erlebacher writes:
> In article <okoJ3.179356$>,
> David Lloyd-Jones <> wrote:
> >
> >For coda, one might speculate that females among the homo habilis might have
> >specialized more than males toward the typing finicky knots in slithery guts
> >line of work: if you're supplying tools to the man you're already selling
> >sex-for-food to, it cuts down the complexity of the marketing process.
> Careful there - among modern hunter-gatherers most of the food is gathered,
> largely by women.  Meat is more of a treat than a staple, although it takes
> far more man hours per calorie to acquire (mostly by men).  Homo habilis was
> a little critter, probably not a very successful hunter except of rather
> small game, and probably got most of the meat it did get by chasing other
> scavengers away from carrion.

I see. A woman's place is in the mall.



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