Hikes, stretches, and January birthdays

To: peru@johncon.com
From: Judy
Subject: Hikes, stretches, and January birthdays
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 11:49:44 -0800

Peru watch... 19 weeks and counting!

Scheduled hikes:  Show up when you can.  Whoever is there at the start time
is "the group of the day"

1. Saturday Jan 13th: Hike the PG&E trail at Rancho. Meet at 7:45AM at
Marilyn's house in Cupertino to carpool. (Parking has been a problem at
Rancho.) Bring water.  This is an up and back hike on a fairly wide trail.
For you breakfast skippers: bring snacks because it does get long and could
get hungry.

2. Saturday Jan 27th: Hike the Almaden Quicksilver trail.  Meet at 8AM.
How to get there: There are 3 entrances: Almaden Road, Mockingbird Hill,
and McAbee Road.  We are meeting at the Almaden Road entrance: Almaden
Expressway to Almaden Rd & go 1 1/2 miles on Almaden Rd to park entrance.
Meet in the parking lot.

3. (and subsequent) to be determined

Hiking Suggestions: Layer your clothing with a wind breaker on top.  Bring
a small day pack to hold water, snacks, clothing.  Bring sunglasses and
sunscreen.  Use these hikes to break in new boots!

List of suggested hikes: (PLEASE write and add to the list)
Stevens Creek  off of Stevens Canyon Road
Mount Umunum (sp?)
Forest of Nisene Marks
Castle Rock

NEW!  Weekly stretch break every Friday at Judy's.  Drop in when you can.
Starting Friday Jan 6th at 7PM for about 30 min.  (Time is flexible to the
needs of the group...so if it's too early or too late, let me know!)
Gentle yoga stretches for flexibility in Peru.  Work out those work week
kinks!  Energize your muscles for the week end!
Bring clothing you can stretch in, a mat if you don't like hardwood floors.

January Birthdays: Join in the celebration for Adrianne, Roger, and Tim at
Marilyn Morris's house on Sat Jan 20th at about 7PM.  Food assignments to
be determined. BTW...date and time were by YaYa executive decision so there
may be changes based on needs of the honorees or of the hostess :)

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