Peru warm-up hikes

From: Judy
Subject: Peru warm-up hikes
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 09:57:47 -0800

The hike on March 24, 2001:   Hope springs eternal...  we are rescheduling
our rain-cancelled hike in the Forest of Nisene Marks.  We'll meet at
Adrianne's on the morning of the 24th.  We LEAVE there at 8:30, so for you
social types... get there any time after 7:45 for coffee and chatter.  For
you sleepy heads... you can wave goodbye if you're not there for our 8:30
take-off.  Just a reminder... this may be a wet hike, including creek
walking, so bring a change of whatever you think might get wet.  It's a
long way home if you're cold and damp.

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