Peru Prep Hike April 7th: Mt Umunhum

From: Judy
Subject: Peru Prep Hike April 7th: Mt Umunhum
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 15:35:23 -0700

"Hummingbird Mountain" was considered to be one of the four sacred Bay Area
peaks by the Ohlone Indians.  However, it is currently closed to public
access at the top due to toxic waste. So our planned walk will be in the
general area of Mt. Umunhum... but in an environmentally safer place.

The plan is to meet Saturday morning at 9AM at the corner of Hicks Road and
Mount Umunhum Road.  We will shuttle up the almost 2 miles to the end of
Mt. Umunhum road, where we will walk an easy half-mile dirt road out to
Bald Mountain for dramatic views of the Sierra Azul Range and the Santa
Clara Valley.  When our feasted eyes are replete with visions of the beauty
in our surroundings, we will return to our original meeting place and the
"real" hike.

The Woods Trail is a dirt trail which begins at the intersection of Hicks
Road and Mount Umunhum Road.  Winding through bay, maple, oak, and madrone,
this trail will eventually connect to the Kennedy Trail and the Kennedy
Road parking lot. Because this is an out and back trail, distance is up to
the individual.

Directions: from Highway 17 take Camden Road south, turn right on Hicks
Road and continue 6.3 miles to where it intersects Mount Umunhum Road.
from Los Gatos take Kennedy Road over the hill to the end, turn right and
continue to Hicks Road.  Right on Hicks Road to the intersection of Mount
Umunhum Road.

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