People are worried

From: John Conover <>
Subject: People are worried
Date: 16 Aug 2001 16:43:51 -0000

The correspondence section of the site has more hits
per day than any other part of the site.

You can kind of tell the mood of the public by what folks are looking
for-generally brought there by an Internet search engine.

If the stock market has glitched down, they are looking for
consolation that its just a glitch-or if the market is up, they are
looking for how long it can go up-and how to exploit it.

But over the last three months, or so, the page requests have had a
very decided GDP'ish nature to their content, where the three

comprise about a third of the total hits on the entire site-the first
page getting hit three times as much as the second or third!

Its interesting that people are three times more interested in the
depth of the current economic down turn than its duration, too.


BTW, these moods are self-fulfilling prophecies-its the slight
persistence we see in the fractal dynamics of things economic; its the
"engine" of the fractal dynamics. In all three pages, the annual
dynamics and the quarterly dynamics are related by a simple scaling
constant-the very definition of a fractal, (the technical terms are
self-similarity and self-affinity.) A pyramid scheme has the same
thing, in case you are curious.


John Conover,,

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