Hikes...past and future

To: peru@johncon.com
From: Judy
Subject: Hikes...past and future
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 13:27:50 -0800

Three runners and seven walkers spent a brilliantly sunny Saturday taming
Almaden Quicksilver Park.  Our group swelled to include Cathy and Mary
(Cathy of Cathy and Steve who will be going to Peru in May).  As you
probably saw from the pictures, we had a great hike and only got lost a
couple of times ;)

Next Saturday, Feb 10th (HBD to Connie) we will walk or run Sawyer Camp
trail.  For those interested in carpooling, meet at the "usual" carpool
place: the parking lot at Homestead and Foothill where Chain Reaction (for
you bicycle enthusiasts) and The Red Pepper (for you eaters) are located.
Meeting time is 8AM so that we can get up to Sawyer Camp by about 8:30 or
so.  Parking is limited there, so try to carpool.
Directions: check the webpage:

Our last February hike is The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park on Sat Feb
24th.  Because that is a bit farther away, we will meet at Adrianne's to
carpool at 8AM.  For those driving straight to Aptos, plan on meeting at
9AM.  Directions:
Drive to Santa Cruz and head south toward Aptos on Highway 1.
Turn left on State Park Drive.
Turn right on Soquel Drive.
Turn right on Aptos Creek Road  (Word has it that this may be a bit hard to
find, so PAY ATTENTION!)
Once on Aptos Creek Road, look for a parking lot on the right.  We will
meet there at 9AM.

Words to the wise: there are lots of beautiful hikes in the park, but we
are looking closely at the hike to Maple Falls or to Aptos Creek Falls (aka
Five Finger Falls).  Both of these involve creek crossing (sans bridges),
and possibly creek walking... so bring some dry shoes and socks and maybe
even dry pants in case you really "get into it"!

See you on the 10th!!!

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